Own customer-centricity.

Why market in multiple channels if you can’t improve the customer experience? Multichannel marketing isn’t new, but the ability to deliver key messages and capture customer response across channels in a single, integrated CRM solution is. Veeva CRM is the first fully integrated multichannel CRM solution that enables life sciences companies to improve customer-centricity. Its true multitenant cloud-based architecture, robust partner ecosystem and rapid innovation cycles have made Veeva CRM the fastest-growing life sciences solution worldwide.

Multichannel built in

Plan with a single application.

It's got everything users need to get a complete customer view for effective planning. From account profiles and influence networks to sales reports and dashboards and interaction history across channels, it's all in Veeva CRM.

Execute in any channel.

With Veeva CRM, execution channels are seamlessly interconnected, making channel integration a thing of the past. Use iRep for face-to-face meetings, email with Approved Email and complete the service with HCP portal or Call Centres with Force.com integration.

Measure activity across multiple channels.

All customer interactions and feedback are seamlessly captured into Veeva CRM, facilitating goal-setting and performance measurement across channels.

Improve customer-centricity.

Your Veeva CRM customer interaction repository grows and becomes more robust with every interaction. You can use the knowledge you’ve gained to tweak your approach or completely rework your strategy – and to create the best next interaction with your customer.

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Robust functionality

“User-friendly” is an understatement. The intuitive web-based interface within Veeva CRM is modeled after the consumer web, making it extremely easy to learn and use.

It’s a single application with all the rich functionality an end user needs: account planning, sphere of influence and coaching reports, sample management, offline order management, electronic medical inquiries and much more. With Veeva CRM’s cloud-based data mart, users can readily access smart reports and dashboards that present actionable insight on Rx, sales and call activity data needed to make informed decisions in the field. With so many relevant features out-of-the-box, Veeva CRM customers avoid pricey custom-development projects, high validation costs and unnecessary risk.

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Speed & adaptability

Never outgrow your CRM system again. As your business needs evolve, Veeva CRM can change and grow with you.

Quickly scale up or down as your business demands – without breaking the bank with costly customisation. Experiment with advanced sales or marketing initiatives in realistic settings – without impacting other users on the system. With Veeva’s simple administration tool, you can configure quickly, easily and as often as needed. All configuration, security settings and data sharing rules are consistently applied to the right end-user devices – online and offline.

“Veeva CRM seemed to be the only solution truly capable of helping us charge forward into the future.”
– Geoff Warren, Merck Sharp & Dohme

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Multichannel repository

Multichannel repository simplifies the management of content, enabling business users to easily create and distribute content across channels.

It increases overall multichannel efficiency by allowing the same content to be reused across multiple channels. The system ensures access to only the latest, approved materials through all channels, with preview and testing capability before distribution.

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One system for all

Say ‘goodbye’ to compromise. Put all your customer-facing teams on a single CRM system without concession.

From primary and specialty care sales to medical affairs and key account management, Veeva’s prebuilt functionality accounts for the unique needs and selling patterns of each role. Each user experiences Veeva CRM as if it were built just for them. Having all customer-facing teams on the same CRM system improves coordination and visibility of customer activities to enable a higher degree of customer-centricity.

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Continuous innovation

Ditch version upgrade projects.

Veeva CRM delivers major system enhancements three times a year – at no additional cost and without interruption to your service. Thanks to the cloud-based platform, updates happen automatically, behind-the-scenes – just turn on the features that are right for you.

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Pre-built integrations

Complimentary integrations with complementary products.

Veeva Web for software providers offers integration points between Veeva CRM and best-of-breed, strategic applications that integrate into Veeva products. Provided to Veeva CRM customers at no additional cost, the integration components between the applications are pre-built, tested and proven in production before reaching the market as a ‘Veeva Web Approved’ integration. So you have confidence knowing it’s tried and true.

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Guided Interactions

Leveraging the power of data science,email with Approved Email helps you deliver a better, more coordinated customer experience by offering recommendations on the best action and right channel for the next customer interaction. Since it’s a part of Veeva CRM, recommendations are provided right in the reps’ workflow where and when they need it. With the Veeva Data Science Connector companies have the flexibility to use the data science technology of their choice or internal solutions, quickly and easily. The interactive Suggestions Dashboard gives reps the opportunity to offer feedback to improve future suggestions (coming Fall 2015).

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In the office, on the road and in the waiting room. Your users are mobile – Veeva CRM is accessible anytime, anywhere.

With iRep, users can manage their entire day’s activities without a connection to the internet. Or they can access Veeva CRM’s rich functionality online, even through any mobile browser. The cloud platform offers unprecedented flexibility for the way your users work – on any device. Built from the ground up for each mobile device, Veeva CRM enables life sciences companies to take full advantage of each product's native design and capabilities for the best, most powerful user experience.

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Veeva CRM is built on Force.com, the world-class, cloud-based platform that delivers unparalleled scale, flexibility and value.

Veeva CRM customers can get the most out of their investment by extending the platform. Add new functionality or even replace custom-built systems for rep coaching, rep roster, investigator-initiated trials and more. Bring the power of social networks into the company with Chatter – included with Veeva CRM. You can even expand your multichannel CRM footprint with Service Cloud for customer service. Whether you choose to offer a 24/7 self-service HCP portal or enable an inbound or outbound call centre, Veeva CRM supports multiple communication channels. And forget about the need to “integrate.” It's already done.

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